#NTDAdvent Journaling Bible Week 1 | apileofashes.com

So it’s advent and time to focus in on the coming of the one that can make all things better, all things clean and pretty, all things new… I’m struggling… again… with my messy house… (I have to remember we are living here with 3 blessings not three little tornadoes) someone else’s house since we […]

These are a few of my favorite things | apileofashes.com

My girls were sharing with me all the things that they wanted for Christmas this year and then I started to think what would I put on my wish list? So I had a little fun and came up with these items   1. Silhouette Portrait Tote in Teal I already have the cutting machine Silhouette and […]

Candy Cane Bath Salts | apileofashes.com

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath after a long day of spending time cooking up some yummy Christmas treats? Well this Candy Cane Bath Salts will sure help you feel rested and relaxed. I’m sure you also have some friends and family who would enjoy getting one of these cute it treats for Christmas too, […]

Citrus Lip Sugar | apileofashes.com

Tis the season to be gift giving! Fa la la la la, la la la la!!! My lips are dry, cracked and peeling… I need to do something about that. Keep your lips smooth this winter with this Citrus Lip Sugar. It’s so easy to make and tastes yummy too. All you do is mix: 3 […]

Sweetdreams Peppermint Spray | apileofashes.com

It’s smelling a lot like Christmas in the Sanford house today! We are whipping up some delightful homemade Christmas gifts for this holiday season. I started off with a cute little idea from “Enjoying the Small Things” when she hosted a Party at the North Pole. You have to hop over there and check it […]

Executive | apileofashes.com

Executive… say what? When I started my oily journey and was asked if I would like to start doing the business side of YL, I laughed! Said, um no thanks! and continued using my oils. Well using my oils lead to sharing what they were doing for me and telling others about them, which lead […]


When I started my oily journey I didn’t think it would be like this… I was skeptical. I bought them because they smelled good and thought that was about the extent of it. I didn’t think that my little Young Living (YL) bottles of essential oils and products would change my life like they have. Now […]

Journaling Bible | Humility apileofashes.com

Reading through Authentic Christian Leadership on YouVersion and this morning “The Role of Humility” lead me to journal this.   The Role of Humility The practical tension that leaders and all people in authority must deal with is the one between ability and pride. Being able – having the requisite skills, gifts, and talents – should […]


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