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? ? ? Little Man is getting a bunch of teeth. He has four right now, two on top and two on bottom but those teeth are making their appearance and he’s not happy! Thankfully we have found an oil for that! ? Copaiba is an anti-inflammatory POWERHOUSE! We love…

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? So I have a new perfume, yep it’s called Liquid X. (It’s actually called something else but I but like that name so I decided to just call it this!) Now I don’t think it’s suppose to be perfume but I LOVE the way this stuff smells. So calming…


This is one of my favorite parts of scripture and whenever I think about it I think of my girls singing “The fruit of the Spirit’s not a watermelon… kiwi…” and then my husband pretending the play the trombone when you get to the self con-troll-ooo! I love how God’s Word is a part of […]

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This was a devo from our homeschool on Wednesday. Our director sang this song for the kids, I loved it and knew I had to journal it!   Now if you know me, you know I’m a little OCD and I did something very very silly. I put this #artworship in the wrong place. YEP! […]

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I’m not sure where this verse popped out at me, I wasn’t reading my Bible at the time… I was actually about to go to bed. I did this last night when everyone else was sound asleep at like 11pm. I just had to get it out and couldn’t sleep till I did! What I […]

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We started a new sermon series at church today on the family called “Family Dynasty”. You can listen here to the sermon if you like. This is the second week I brought my new Journaling Bible with me to church and took notes in the Bible instead of on my bulletin. Here is how it […]

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  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you have seen me share pics on me destroying my Bible. Yes, I’m taking pleasure in writing in my Bible, wait no coloring in my Bible and drawing and painting and stamping and glueing and anything else that I can think of while sending my […]

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? It’s getting close to my second favorite time of the year. The cool breeze, bonfires, cooking hotdogs, camping, COLLEGE FOOTBALL (yes it starts in 16 days for our team) tailgating, hikes, playing outside and NOT sweating up a storm, pumpkins, changing leaves in too many pretty shades and the…


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