Another awesome week of CC is in the books! Week 2 went great even though I wasn’t (and haven’t) been feeling very well lately during this pregnancy. Thankfully CC makes it easy for me to get our schoolwork in and it’s all planned out for me when I feel under the weather or our family has […]


I had a great first day yesterday at CCinCullman! I’m so excited to spend the next the next year with these awesome families “Knowing God and making Him known!” CC also has a great APP that you can get from iTunes and its worth the $$$ Get it Here! I have lots of resources pinned on […]


CC in Cullman has been long awaited for and prayed for and yesterday the first day of CCinCullman took place and it was awesome! We Sanford’s LOVE Classical Conversations and are excited we don’t have to drive 35 mins to attend a campus anymore (even though we miss all of our Priceville families SO MUCH!) […]


Let’s talk Onycha. (Styrax benzoin) Family: Styracaceae Source: From resin of tree. Chemistry: Esters-70%, Carboxylic Acids-20%, Aldehydes 2%, Alcohols 1%. Available only in the 12 oils of ancient scripture kit. Application: Topical, Aromatic   I had never heard of Onycha before and it has been a hard one to find info on, as it’s not […]


Let’s talk Galbanum Mentioned 1x directly + 54x indirectly = 55x Chemistry: Monoterpenes-75%, Sesquiterpenes-4% Source: Gum Resins in stems and branches (Ferula gummosa) Family Apiaceae (parsley) Application: Topical, Aromatic, Ingestible Galbanum (Ferula gummosa) has an earthy aroma. It was used in ancient temple ritual incense anointings associated with springtime. Galbanum supports the immune, digestive, respiratory, […]


Let’s Talk Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) Family: Burseraceae Source: Oleo-gum-resin from the trunks and limbs of the tree. Note that Myrrh is also a gum resin from a desert tree of the same family—Burseraceae—as was the Balm of Gilead. Plant Origin: Somalia/Yemen Chemistry: Monoterpenes-82%, Alpha-Pinene 30-65%, Limonene 8-20%, Sesquiterpenes-8%, Sabinene 1-8%, Myrcene 1-14%, Beta-Caryphyllene 1-5%, Alcohols-4%, […]


Let’s talk Rose of Sharon / Cistus / Rock Rose (Cistus ladanifer) Family: Cistaceae Plant Origin: Spain Source: Steamed distilled From Leaves & Branches Chemistry: Monoterpenes-54%, Alpha-Pinene 40-60%, Alcohols-12%, Esters- 9%, Ketones-7%, Aldehydes-5%, Camphene 2-5%, Bornyl Acetate 3-6%, Trans-Pinocarveol 3-6%, Diterpenes-2%, Carboxylic Acids-1% Application: Topical, Aromatic, Ingestible   Cistus (Cistus ladanifer) essential oil comes from […]

Essential Oils & God's Word | Spikenard |

Time to talk about Spikenard or Nard as they tended to call it in the Bible. It was Mentioned 7x directly + 10x indirectly = 17x (Nardostachys jatamansi) Family: Valerianaceae Source: From Plant Roots Chemistry: Sesquiterpenes-50%, Monoterpenes- 36%, Phenols-2% Application: Topical, Aromatic, Ingestible When I got my 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture collection in the […]


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