Monthly Archives: January 2009

Still Sick and its Monday

So the girls were still sick today. So sick that I called Crystal last night to let her know and she could make the call on to bring Holland over or not. I got no, repeat, no sleep last night! Olivia was wanting to nurse like every 30mins-1hour and I was sooo exhausted! I was […]

Irritated To Say The Least

So today my husband decided to go hunting, did I mention he went golfing two days ago and then left last night to go watch the game? yeah! But he didn’t come home till noon and then proceeded to be sick, whiny and tired, ….. um, if any should be tired, it should be me, […]

Jan 2nd

So, Blogging…, um never done it! But I hear so much about it, and need some new internet fun, so here goes! I don’t have an exciting life, but never the less eventful! I mean it has to be with 2 babies under 2 right?