Teen Camp WOW #1


Getting Here Safe…

So despite the bad weather and crazy other cars we got to camp with God watching over us. Safe and sound we rolled into Camp Wow and were greeted by a CRAZY team of camp workers that invaded our buses and vans and got our kids excited and can’t lie, a little scared =) … this week is going to be a GREAT week !!!


Tonight’s first service kicked off with the story of creation. What was amazing is that during dinner God showed us his handy work in the form of dark black skies and pouring pouring rain, and it was beautiful, because we now the God that created those storms, created us, and we love Him for it. Lights flickered, kids soaked, He is beautiful! In Him we were created!

we have some time to kill and hangout. Some of the kids are playing apples to apples and some are enjoying a game of volleyball with their beloved leader Pastor Mark. Most have enjoyed a trip to the snack shop!


We have got so many compliments on our shirts, thanks Randy and AmericanT’s  for the great job! Everyone loves them and wants one… (they say SapulpaChurch silly teens?!). Even the crew asked when we got those shirts in and why haven’t they got one yet?!?! It’s camp pride to have cool shirts, and we have it… =) (Any other time I wouldn’t recommend pride…)


Okay got to go about to start the BlackLight PAR-ty in the @PaRtYbArN !!!!


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