Complete… the Jenk’s House is DONE Stage 2!

Complete… the House is DONE, well not quite. We have signed paperwork, the loan has been funded, and boxes have been moved, but we are far from complete. This process has left me with many things I still need to get. We cut corners a lot in the building process, and while we thought we were saving money… and we were, we still didn’t think about the part where we would still have to buy these items (much less of course, but still requires money.) As usual there are things coming out of the wood works that I didn’t budget for, so the term, “if you don’t have cash to buy it, then you don’t need it” doesn’t apply here on the need factor. However we will be waiting to get the cash before getting our rugs of all sorts, mini blinds, garage door openers, and fence. Still excited where God has taken us in the past 5 years. Glory to God!

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