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The presence-driven church may encompass some or all of the above paradigms. However, God’s presence precedes and permeates all other models of church growth. Without His presence, church growth is simply a menagerie of methodologies doomed to temporality. A method may work for the moment, but shouldn’t our desire be to do only that which […]

Participation in God’s Mission

God’s mission: A phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the contemporary church. It gets tagged to church campaigns for fundraisers. It gets slapped on promotional items for a missionary support service. It gets thrown out in conversations on evangelism, discipleship, worship, and social justice. God’s mission is identified with so many things that […]

Math Class? Now this could be fun…

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Crazy about the City, Silver Dollar City that is.

{source} So its that time of year again to purchase Silver Dollar City season passes! We already got ours in the mail and I’m so excited I just can’t hold it in any longer. This past week I was at the sister and brother in laws and was encouraging my sis to purchase passes (which […]

Holiness… It’s Everywhere

It is sad to say that growing up being a follower of Christ (yes fellow high school classmates who would strongly disagree with this statement… I was a follower of Christ before I married a pastor) I never understood holiness, let alone knew what it was. It wasn’t until I came to discover Nazarenes that […]

A Better Ashley

I have lost who I am over the past couple of years. Many things have gone on in our lives and I have seemed to set aside myself to comply with what was going on in our lives. Well I am on a quest to find out who I am again and make her shine. […]


Started reading Holiness: For Ordinary People by Keith Drury and so far its a great learning tool for an early or stagnant believer. Here are some good insights into the first chapter: Sanctification Overview. God calls us unto holiness and then helps us become holy. God commands us to be holy. God does not give […]

Happy New Year

So this year will be different. This year will be full of love. This past year there hasn’t been much love around here. That is going to change, there will be lots of love, and God’s love at that! Because that is the only kind of love that will last. This year will be better… […]