A Better Ashley

I have lost who I am over the past couple of years. Many things have gone on in our lives and I have seemed to set aside myself to comply with what was going on in our lives. Well I am on a quest to find out who I am again and make her shine. I want to find the girl that God made me to be. Learn what kind of wife Pastor Mark{ie} needs. Be the mother that E & O deserve. And live as the servant God fashioned. I want to be better and I’m going to find out how by seeking God more and searching myself.

Some steps:

1. Seek more, Be Christlike
2. Learn, grow, be me
3. Create often
4. Give mercy
5. Walk humbly
6. Be thankful
7. Act justly
8. Love always
9. Teach family & faith
10. Serve Lots

I would love to hear from you!

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