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Unity Stamp Company March 15th Challenge

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*just a note* ~ just add glitter

A Sunday Afternoon project while the girls were asleep. var linkwithin_site_id = 1391137;

Power Lab 2008

A2F: Week 1 With Jesus in the Desert

A devotional reflection based on Matthew 4:1-11SUNDAYLenten Season–week one Read the Gospel passage first, then the devotional reflection thatfollows. The discussion prompts at the end will help prepare you forSunday school and small-group sessions. No Shortcuts Our first steps with Jesus on our Lenten journey take us to a desert wilderness far from his baptism […]

Reflecting God: Hometown Hero

A hero usually returns home to a parade, a key to the city, and a street named in his or her honor. Jesus was asked to speak in the synagogue on Sabbath. Having heard about the healings, the miracles, and the massive crowds hanging on his every word, the hometown folk expected a little of […]