Monthly Archives: May 2011

North Arkansas Women’s Retreat 2011!!!

So it’s that time again, for the women’s council to start planning … well they have been planning for a while now, but to actually see some progress from the long planning process! We are getting the word out there for this year’s retreat, “Tending our Soul,” with Jeannie McCullough of Wisdom of the Word! […]

25 must knows… and dos

Helping your child master these simple rules of etiquette will get him noticed — for all the right reasons.By David Lowry, Ph.D. Your child’s rude ‘tude isn’t always intentional. Sometimes kids just don’t realize it’s impolite to interrupt, pick their nose, or loudly observe that the lady walking in front of them has a large […]


So it’s the 3rd day of May… not sure where feb, march and april went, oh wait maybe april washed away. I hope down the Arkansas River far enough to allow the beauty to spring forth… oh wait, there wasn’t a spring, okay to sizzle in the sun. Either way better than the rain. This […]