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8 Ways to Pressure-Proof Your Holidays

8 Ways to Pressure-Proof Your Holidays – How to protect your family from holiday stress. Mary May Larmoyeux “Feeling the holiday pressure?” a greeting card asks, “Relax! It’ll be gone before you know it.” Have you ever felt like a hamster caught on a spinning wheel when it comes to celebrating the holidays? I […]

~ Family Worship Time ~

Family ~ Worship ~ Time So I came across this blog that addressed a dear event of mine and I thought I would share and give you my insight. Family Worship Time can be so dreading it you allow to miss the point of the time together. And with me needing everything a certain way… I […]

Garden of the gods… wished it was named just Garden of the God… since He is the one that created it

Crazy Beautiful is a place called Colo Springs! I was amazed at God’s creation while being in a place that just felt like I belonged there.