Monthly Archives: December 2011

Contagious Holiness

So pastor posted this article this morning on Facebook and it was really good, I see why he wanted to share. So I am doing the same. However this article is inspired by this so maybe you should view both. Some great quotes of Len Sweet in his review was: “the devil’s got a mission” talking about churches […]

DIY No Sew Tree Skirt

So my new fav thing to do is pin all day… and I know many others enjoy the same pleasure. So after seeing all these cute little tree skirts, I decided to have a try at it myself. Thanks pinterest! Here is how it turned out…

No Matter What

Today is a hard day. Lots of crying and heartache. Emma busted up in my bathroom with my iPhone playing Kerrie Roberts’ “No Matter What”… thankfully God has used her and my iPhone a lot these past couple of days to bring me a word from Him. You may think that is silly… I think that’s […]