Monthly Archives: April 2012

PL Week 15 & 16

Here I share a couple of things that happened in week 15 and 16. We were crazy busy at church so our family time was lacking, which means my photo taking was too. But these weeks the time we did have together were good ones and I was able to get some good shoots of […]

WIW 04.18.12

So I wore this outfit the last Wednesday of Community Bible Study. The hubs did tell me how cute I looked today so that was nice . =)

April Showers

So it rained and poured and the old man snored…. until he was woken up by the wind…. At 3:00am last night we both woke up… my heart racing… living in torando alley will do that to ya… and after last year helping with relief efforts in Tuscaloosa and Joplin, my mind was racing. Pastor […]

PL Week 13

This week was the Start of April and Holy week. I mostly shared about the big events in our life this week that all pretty much turn back to Easter and Him. But isn’t that what I want our real lives to reflect… Him? So I gess it is fitting that our scrapbook would reflect […]

PL Week 14

This is from week 14. There is only one page for this week and of course it’s blurry like the weeks before, so sorry. In the top right corner is my kitchen sink filled with dishes, then it’s my laundry room filled with clothes. And the third pic is of a chalkboard that I got […]