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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 | Week 1

Here are the resources I have come across to use with C1|W1. Update: To be honest… check out my pinterest board C1|W1 it has tons of resources there. I am taking a more interactive and technology approach to teaching the girls since they really enjoy playing with mommies gadgets. One doesn’t have to have these said […]

WIW 07.22.12

Here is the cute little outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. Everything but the tights were hand me downs from my sis. Thanks Sissy! I love her style and love it when she passes on that style to me for free =) I felt cute today.

Pinterest Love & Classical Conversations

Does anyone else love Pinterest as much as I do? {People I have over 10,000 pins… if this doesn’t call for a pintervention, then I don’t know what does!} I love how I can organize and gather all the things I see into neat, cute little boards that I can share with others. And this […]

Ever Heard of Glimpse?

Ever heard of Glimpse? The awesome girls @Clickin Moms have a little project going on. {source} Most of us do the same things daily but with no rhyme or reason. Clickin Moms gives us direction! =) They take our mutual love of instagram and give photo prompt ideas for photos for us to capture. Each […]

Cleaning Schedule Printable Freebie

Have you ever spent all day cleaning your house?   At the end of an all day cleaning span you fill like you have accomplished some great project and you can enjoy your hard labor! That is until the husband or kids walk through the door and destroy it in a matter of minutes. It is […]

Getting Ready for Classical Conversations

So I feel like the summer is almost over. Well it kinda is but we still have a couple of weeks before our CC Community starts up this year on Sept 4th. If you don’t already know, we Sanford’s homeschool our girls. Last year was the first year to attempt to teach both of them […]

Be Strong & Courageous #RefugeCo. Lesson7.18.12

Pastor Mark talked about Joshua being strong and courageous in what God had called him to. He also talked about Rehab and the hard decisions she had to make. Was it the right thing? We all know that school is coming close and its in our minds as your leaders how you will choose to […]

Me, Myself and I: July 2012

I came across this today, yeah I’m a day late. I still thought it would be fun to do. So I will share a little about me with you. A fellow blogger said she felt like this, “But I can’t help but feel like I’m saying, “Oh, look at me and how awesome I am […]