Monthly Archives: August 2012

Do you Book Club? I Bloom.

All my life I have NOT, repeat not enjoyed reading. Maybe because my lifestyle now and always has been so busy, so crazy, just too much going to for me to stop and read a book. However, as I get older… dare I say that, I am enjoying books more and more. The Bloom {in}courage […]

Southern Style

I checked out this lovely book at the Library on Thursday. I have a love for things “Southern” and wanted to share little idea’s in this book that I fell in love with. Kind of like a favorite pins post, but things I actually looked up in a book instead of on my computer or […]

Branson Retreat NEO Style

This weekend I got to spend 2 days in beautiful Branson, Mo with “the most amazing man I have ever met” for the NEO Minister’s and Mates Retreat. And it was awesome.   I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, except an endless amount of money to go and do everything Mark and I […]

A week in the life of our "Homeschool"

With our homeschool starting up this week, life is officially crazy time. However I am trying to organize it as much as I can to make our days go by easier and be able to get the things we need done, DONE! I plan on making schedules to go into the girls school binders to […]

Project Life 2012: Week 33

So it is {Week 33} now and I have managed to complete a layout for this week. I like the way it turned out. I’m still getting used to this way of scrap booking but I love it. I’m trying to find my style and voice for our book. I think it will be different […]

Day in the Life of a "Masters" Tutor, Not Me But Them

This year I am so excited to be the Foundations tutor for CC Masters at the new Bartlesville Town and Country Campus. Masters are the “Older” kids in our CC Community. I wanted to give you a look at what our a day in the life of a Master would be: 8:30am – We will arrive […]

Back to School Photos 2012

It’s a tradition every year right? To take Back-to-School photos! I have to confess that we aren’t actually Back-to-School yet but in the spirit of blog hopping with iHomeschool Network’sΒ “Not” Back-to-School Blog Hop,Β we had a photo shoot today. Take a look… Ready for what Homeschool 2012-2013 holds for us! Emma Grace will officially start school […]

Beach Vaca 2012: Cover & Title Page

All of Mark’s family went to the beach to stay in one house together for a whole week.I made a Shutterfly book along with scraping it into my PLΒ album. Here is our story of the Sanford Beach Vaca of 2012… and look how cute the cover turned out. Title Page: This page documents our journey […]