HomeSchool Curriculum for my 5 & 4 year olds

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Overall Spectrum:
Classical Conversations Foundations Guide
Cycle 1 Resource Audio Cd
Five in a Row
I don’t currently do anything else other than CC and find freebies on the Internet that go along with what we are studying. I do hope to add Story of the World to our collection soon.
We have maps that we print off and the girls locate where we are learning about.
Ducksters – has info compiled on each country and maps to color and label.
Find Geo Lapbook resources here at HomeschoolShare 
We might try Song School Latin.
My girls are still little so there is only so much they need to know a this point. We will be doing Skip Counting with our CC guide. I also plan to incorporate lots of math type games such as Phase 10.
I’m going to look into Saxon and Math Mammoth to use in the future.
We will be doing science projects out of 201 Awesome Experiments by Janice VanCleave with our CC community.


Sequential Spelling:  Emma Loves this book and how it works. It is crazy how she picks up so quickly with this method of learning words.
Art and Music:

Confessions of a Homeschooler: World’s Greatest Artists

“Drawing with Children” by Mona Brookes

At our church we do children’s Bible quizzing. It doesn’t start till your child is in the 1st grade, but I would like for Emma to start learning bible memorization with other children.
We also participate in Community Bible Study at our church as well. They have a great children’s program that my girls attend weekly while I’m in class.Check and see if there is a campus near you.
I picked up the Hands-On Bible at our local Mardel’s . I am excited to see that Group has put out some curriculum and handouts for this Bible. I will be looking into it to see if we would like to use this in our homeschool.

And I plan on using We Choose Virtues for character development.

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