Roll Tide in Hogville

So if you know the Sanford’s, you would know that we love Alabama. Pastor was born and raised in Bama and shortly after meeting Pastor, I moved there to be with him. He would later propose in bama and we would wed months after on the beach in south Alabama. Emma was born there also. There’s many reasons why we love Alabama, but the football program is defiantly one of them.

So for Pastor’s bday, I got him two tickets to the Bama vs. Hogs game in Fayetteville. See he is so happy! I’m the best wifey ever!

Now what we didn’t see coming was the same weekend we got our beloved tickets, the Hogs lost pretty bad and the game became a little less desirable… for everyone, not us! We were excited and no one was going to change the fact that next week we will be cheering on our Crimson Tide in Fayetteville to celebrate Pastor’s bday!

Friday after work we headed to Rogers to have dinner with Mama Euva and Jonathan.

Mama Euva made him a cute one of a kind gift.
Too bad we didn’t have anywhere to use them. #nowheretotailgate

We ate at one of our most favorite places ever, P.F. Changs. Dinner was so good.
There is a reason why we love this place… it’s awesome!

And the birthday dessert went quick!
There was even a fork fight.

We got a hotel room in Bentonville, AR, which the girls loved!

So when we woke up on Saturday… game day, it was raining. It rained… all day long… But we weren’t going to let that put a damper on our trip. We stopped by the new Cabela’s in Roger’s to see if there was a gift Pastor wanted with the gift card Mama Euva got him and the girls loved looking at the fish and wildlife. We had a great lunch at this little BBQ place called Sonny’s. Strangest thing about lunch was the fact that they served Japanese style salad with your meal??? I love this type of salad but it was a little odd to have it at a BBQ joint. After lunch Pastor and I headed to the University.

We stopped by my sister’s spot in the Garden where they were tailgating. We cheer for different teams… you should have seen the looks I got walking up in there!


Update: Bama won that day and it was glorious! 😉

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