Monthly Archives: October 2012

Today I socialize!

Yesterday I spent most of work running errands. This is why I love my job, it consisted of me stopping and ordering some treats for tomorrow. Plus my boss is super awesome and treated me to this yummy cupcake. Today I get to spend sometime doing two things I love to do… talk about social […]

C1 | Week 6 CC Day

Here is a schedule of how we went over our Memory Work Today: Week #6 Tuesday October 9th: Timeline: We do as a group downstairs. Sing song and do motions. Proof: Mom’s (and any older sisters that are around) will proof for me. Art Project: History: Sing Song on CD. Motions that I made up. […]

Leadership, everything rises and falls on it.

Thursday night Pastor and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at, with speaker Dr. John Maxwell. We were accompanied by great friends and our bosses. It was a lovely evening. The food was amazing. My University did awesome in service and Dr. Piper was eloquent as always.  Dr. John Maxwell spoke on leadership. He reiterated what Pastor and I believe to […]

C1 | Week 5 October 2nd CC Day

I so can’t believe we are into week #5!!! And it is crazy that I myself know all the past week’s memory work. All the amazement can go right to God, because it is a miracle that I am remembering these things! #lifelonglearningisawesome And whats even more amazing is that my little girls are picking […]

Herds of Fun!

Every year it is a tradition. When the summer is slipping away and cool nights of fall sneak in, you know it’s time for the Tulsa State Fair. This year we went visited the fair for the 3rd year in a row (ever since they came into our lives) with Nana Barbara, Papa Ron and Tasha. […]