C1 | Week 6 CC Day

Here is a schedule of how we went over our Memory Work Today:
Week #6 Tuesday October 9th:

Timeline: We do as a group downstairs. Sing song and do motions.
Proof: Mom’s (and any older sisters that are around) will proof for me.
Art Project:
History: Sing Song on CD. Motions that I made up.
Geography: Lg map, Sm map, Trace on map location.
English: Recite new Preps and
Learn Motions,
Latin: Fill in Chart and use Visuals while singing song.
Math: Say, Sing song on
Science: Vertebrates

Presentations and Snacks: is over Story Telling. The skill we will be working on is knowing our material really well. Practice your presentation for your family or friends. Remember to keep your presentation to 2.5 mins. See if you can do your presentation without your note cards. (Extra tickets will be awarded for knowing your speech!)

Review: Speed Math – Jeopardy Test Style
Science Project: Naked Egg & Shrinking Egg

I’m praying for each one of you and look forward to seeing you in two weeks, Week #7!
Enjoy Fall Break! 

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