Monthly Archives: December 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So it’s finally here… Christmas morning, Jesus’ Birthday! We just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas Eve Morning

Itโ€™s Christmas Eve morning… My mother in law is stressing, she says there is tons to do. I remind her itโ€™s Christmas Eve and that is nothing to do except enjoy her grands. She looks at me and smiles and says your are right. I have some coffee and enjoy the fact that we arenโ€™t […]

Burning the Midnight Oil… or should I say gas

We left right after church and wonโ€™t get to Alabama till really late. We plan on stopping along the way to see friends in Fayetteville and then in Rudy, AR. Iโ€™m excited to get on the road and get to Alabama but not very excited about the drive. I’m sure at some point the girls […]

Our 2012 Christmas Card

With CC Homeschool at Town&Country coming to an end this semester, I needed to get our Christmas card done to pass out to everyone. I was so happy to see the was sharing some cute templates already to go! After creating ‘s Christmas card with so many trails and errors, my mind wasn’t […]