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C1:Week 16 Classical Conversations

Wow it’s week 16 already! Here is what we will do today: weeks 1-12 and you can check those out here, but now we are on weeks 13-24. Timeline Motions: Age of Industry: twirl your right hand up in the air like, think smoke stack Circa 1760 to Circa 1969: make a C with right hand […]


Week four came and went. It was a busy week for us… as much of life is for us. Emma turned 6, dentist appts, hobby lobby,concert, manis & pedis, Copen truck stop, Tulsa shopping and dinner at Ted’s, listening to Dan and Starbucks. It was a fun week. {Check out week 5 here}


Week three was fun to scrap. It was my birthday week! I took this cute pic of Livy while we were at the Christian bookstore in the mall. I think it captures Livy and how she enjoys to be by herself. I also included a verse from Good Morning Girls bible study that I started […]

C1:WK15 Classical Converstions

It’s week 15 and here is this week’s work: Timeline Motions: Japan’s Isolation: push away your arms from body towards the right Jamestown & Plymouth Colony Founded: Right hand make a J with thumb and index finger, Left index finger trace J Age of Enlightenment: hand bursts Hudson’s Bay Company: make an ( ) with both hands First […]

C1:WK14 Classcial Conversations

It’s week 14 and we are moving along through our memory work! Here is what we are going to do tomorrow. Let’s start off with the timeline. Here are  weeks 1-12 and  weeks 13-24. Timeline Motions: Columbus Sails to the Caribbean: ride the wave, use your right hand Age of Absolute Monarchs: Right hand on Hip, […]

GMG Luke 1:1-4

Good Morning Girls Winter Study of Luke started up today! You can check out Week 1 here: Here are some insight as a mother and servant of the King… to our children and the ones the Lord has put in our path to disciple and minister to. GMG Luke 1:1-4 {1Many have undertaken to draw […]


Here is week 2! This was a fun week to use my red and grey and show off something us Sanford’s enjoy so much… Alabama football. If you aren’t aware, Bama played for the national championship, and we won… actually we have 15 national titles. Our friends hosted a watch party at there house and […]


It’s 2013 and there is fun to be had. Our youth group had a lock in to ring in the new year. You can see here that we had tons of fun. I had a lot of fun putting together this layout with my new items from Studio Calico Project Life Kit. I also used […]