TWENTYTHIRTEEN: Nice to meet you

2013 Title PageIt’s the beginning of 2013 and we can say bye to the past years events. These events won’t be forgotten because we can look back at them through our Project Life book of 2012. This year I will be capturing our memories through another Project Life book. Here is a look at our title page this year. I am really in love with it! I hope you like it too.

As you also can I see  on this page, I have a word. That “one little word” for the year. It’s more. I will be using this word to guide our family this year. In fact this one little word actually means less but lets just focus on the positives okay? I could say we want to simplify … which we do… but thought more would be “more” fun! This little Sanford family needs more a few things and less of others. So I will be seeking for more blessings this year and thanking Him for each and every one!

May you and yours also have more in twenty thirteen.


{Check out week 1 here}

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