C1:W13 Classical Conversations

It’s been a while since we were all together learning, but tomorrow I will get to see my kids and all the new friends we have made through our community. We have missed everyone and we are so excited to get started back up!

Let’s start off with the timeline. So once again I am so thankful to jjccvideos for posting the motions she is using with her group. I loved weeks 1-12 and you can check those out here, but now we are on weeks 13-24. Our group will start out downstairs with announcements first by Cindy our Director and then followed by a family presentation by a family in our community. Then comes the fun part… that’s right it’s time for the timeline and motions. I don’t know how this happen but I got dubbed the timeline lady. How’s that for a title =) …Here we go…

Timeline Motions: * indicates motions added by me

Age of Exploration: Hand to head looking out to sea
Circa 1400 to Circa 1600: Make c with the right hand
Prince Henry Founds School of Navigation: (*make a compass with left hand and use finger on right hand to circle the compass and then right) Hand back up to head like your searching
Slave Trade in Africa: Make fists with both hands and cross them in front on you.
Gutenberg’s Printing Press: Left palm out right hand in fist pressing down like you are stamping your left palm
Songhai in Africa: Take right hand fist and put it out should height
Czar Ivan the Great of Russia: Take left hand and put on hip. take right fist and raise it up to the sky
The Spanish Inquisition: Take right fist from sky and make an “o” and place over your eye like you are looking out of it

*So this will be a little different than I have done in the past, we will have Prayer. I will ask a student to pray for our class time meeting to start us off. I will present a Virtue and Scripture for that week (find them here) and  after that we will Proof. While students are proofing the remaining students will need to write the memory verse, studying for their turn of proofing or start coping this weeks memory work. There should be no talking during this time because it is distracting to the kids outside in the hall proofing. *I hope this brings a little more order to our class and make us aware of why we are here… to know God and make Him known.

History: Tell me about the Kush
We will listen to song on the cd/app and then walk around the room signing the history song while acting like we are shelving/mining… all the while keeping beat to the music

Geography: Western Africa
ASNST: This is the first letter of each item on the map. We will say the list of items then say ASNST, repeat list of names, ASNST
Also we will locate these on the big map. Each child will go up to map locate these items as we are saying them and then change students when we are saying ASNST

English: Helping Verb
We will build upon each word… a, a help, a helping verb, a helping verb helps…

Latin: Noun Cases
Back and forth. The kids know these is this will be simple.

Math: Liquid Equivalents
8oz = cup, 2 cups = Pint, 2 Pints=Quart, 4 Quarts = Gallon   I will be drawing this out in class on the board then letting the kids do it themselves. We will repeat info multiple times.

Science: Parts of the Earth


Presentation this week will be an Impromptu speech. Focus on making good eye contact.
*Next week’s presentation is Show and tell.  Focus on giving us an introduction and a conclusion.

We will be learning about Giotto in Fine Arts and Doing Math and English/Prepositions for Review. #Each week we will review 2 subjects and on week 18 we will play Jeopardy will all subjects.
I also have a new reward incentive… and we will be doing something different with the tickets.


Happy CC’ing!



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