Shredded Chicken in the KitchenAid

The hubs got me this sweet new KitchenAid mixer for Christmas this year and I can’t thank him enough! The first thing I used it for was to make some homemade ranch dressing.

Ranch is like gold around the Sanford house! It is loved by all! Well expect Emma, who pretty much only likes chips, apples and bread.

You can get the Ranch recipe here.

But one thing I found out about my new toy is that it can shred chicken!
AH! Yes no more hour wasted trying to tear up this hot chicken that makes my fingers hurt, I can just use my new toy.

Look she does a fine job doesn’t she?


All you have to do to achieve this perfectly Shredded Chicken is use your paddle attachment shown in picture above and turn on mixer to speed 4-6 until desired. I did mine about 20 seconds on speed 4 then 10 seconds on speed 6 then 20 more on speed 4. Prefect!

Then I treated my family to a delish BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce and some dill pickles all on a Sweet Hawaii Roll! Yum!

Happy Shredding y’all!

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