C1:W18 Classical Conversations

Here is what we will do today:

Timeline videos: weeks 1-12 and you can check those out here, but now we are on weeks 13-24.

Timeline Motions:

We will start off with Prayer by one of the students. I will present a Virtue and Scripture for that week (find them here) and  after that we will Proof. Remember while students are proofing the remaining students will need to write the memory verse, studying for their turn of proofing or start coping this weeks memory work. There should be no talking during this time because it is distracting to the kids outside in the hall proofing. {*I hope this brings a little more order to our class and make us aware of why we are here… to know God and make Him known.}

History: Tell me about Mound Builders, Sing song with app

Geography: Mesoamerica: Gulf of Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula Olmec, Maya, Aztec

English: Helping Verb  may must might.  We will be signing Old McDonald style and here is an activity you can do at the house.

Latin: Noun Cases 2nd Declensions  Photo Prompts for 2nd Declensions

Math: Area of a Triangle

Science: Types of Ocean Floor: Continental Shelf, Abyssal Plains, Mountain Ranges, Ridges

Presentation this week will be  “Telling a Story or Family Tradition.” Next week is sharing about the “Best Things in Life”.
We will be learning about El Greco in Fine Arts. Playing a “Will the Winner Lose” game for Review.

Timeline Motions: * indicates motions added by me

Age of Exploration: Hand to head looking out to sea
Circa 1400 to Circa 1600: Make c with the right hand
Prince Henry Founds School of Navigation: (*make a compass with left hand and use finger on right hand to circle the compass and then right) Hand back up to head like your searching
Slave Trade in Africa: Make fists with both hands and cross them in front on you.
Gutenberg’s Printing Press: Left palm out right hand in fist pressing down like you are stamping your left palm
Songhai in Africa: Take right hand fist and put it out should height
Czar Ivan the Great of Russia: Take left hand and put on hip. take right fist and raise it up to the sky
The Spanish Inquisition: Take right fist from sky and make an “o” and place over your eye like you are looking out of it

Columbus Sails to the Caribbean: ride the wave, use your right hand
Age of Absolute Monarchs: Right hand on Hip, Left Hand on hip
Protestant Reformation: take hand palms down, cross in front and midway turn hands palm up and finish to left
Spanish Conquistadors in the Americas: pray
Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion: use right hand to form a beard
Council of Trent: make a C with right hand then bring in left hand to make a T
Baroque Period of the Arts: make fist out in front of you and break them down

Japan’s Isolation: push away your arms from body towards the right
Jamestown & Plymouth Colony Founded: Right hand make a J with thumb and index finger, Left index finger trace J
Age of Enlightenment: hand bursts Hudson’s Bay Company: make an ( ) with both hands
First Great Awakening: 1st, *hands to sleep, then hand bursts
Classical Period of the Arts: R-fingers 2   L-fingers 5   (like 7 wonders) curl your fingers together
The Seven Year’s War: stick fingers out x3

Age of Industry: twirl your right hand up in the air like, think smoke stack
Circa 1760 to Circa 1969: make a C with right hand
James Cook Sails to Australia and Antarctica:
make ocean waves with right hand out in front of body, then make “a” with right hand for Australia, *and now “A” with left hand for Antarctica
American Revolution and General George Washington: make “A” with right hand and * “R” with left hand, then left hand on hip and right hand salute
Madison’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights: flip hand and bring down then step up/pat 3 times upwards for bill of rights
French Revolution: turn hand around in air show elbow and arm
2nd Great Awaking: make a 2 with your left hand and *sleep then hand bursts
Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition: two L’s

Napoleon Crowned Emperor of France: pick up crown in front of your body and place on head
Liberation of South America: cross wrists/fists out in front of your body, then make low v with arms
The War of 1812: make jazz hands out to your side forming a T with body
The Missouri Compromise: bring hands together and clap out in front
Immigrants Flock to America: take 3 fingers on each hand and finger walk out in front of body
The Monroe Doctrine: make a M with right hand
Romantic Period of the Arts: bat eyelashes

Cherokee Trail of Tears: Run fingers down cheek like tears
U.S. Westward Expansion: take 3 fingers on each hand and walk them away from body
Marx Publishes the Communist Manifesto: Make X with arms elbow height in air
The Compromise of 1850 and The Dred Scott Decision: Clap and swing arms side to side while still holding the clap
U.S. Restores Trade with Japan: arms scoop up then alternate each arm back and forth as if trading
British Queen Victoria’s Rule Over India: make V with right hand and push out, then take V and circle over head
Darwin Publishes The Origin of Species: Thumbs down

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