Timeline weeks 13-23… Here we go!

Timeline Motions:

* indicates motions added by me

Week 13:
Age of Exploration:
Hand to head looking out to sea
Circa 1400 to Circa 1600: Make c with the right hand
Prince Henry Founds School of Navigation: (*make a compass with left hand and use finger on right hand to circle the compass and then right) Hand back up to head like your searching
Slave Trade in Africa: Make fists with both hands and cross them in front on you.
Gutenberg’s Printing Press: Left palm out right hand in fist pressing down like you are stamping your left palm
Songhai in Africa: Take right hand fist and put it out should height
Czar Ivan the Great of Russia: Take left hand and put on hip. take right fist and raise it up to the sky
The Spanish Inquisition: Take right fist from sky and make an “o” and place over your eye like you are looking out of it

Week 14:
Columbus Sails to the Caribbean:
ride the wave, use your right hand
Age of Absolute Monarchs: Right hand on Hip, Left Hand on hip
Protestant Reformation: take hand palms down, cross in front and midway turn hands palm up and finish to left
Spanish Conquistadors in the Americas: pray
Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion: use right hand to form a beard
Council of Trent: make a C with right hand then bring in left hand to make a T
Baroque Period of the Arts: make fist out in front of you and break them down

Week 15:
Japan’s Isolation:
push away your arms from body towards the right
Jamestown & Plymouth Colony Founded: Right hand make a J with thumb and index finger, Left index finger trace J
Age of Enlightenment: hand bursts Hudson’s Bay Company: make an ( ) with both hands
First Great Awakening: 1st, *hands to sleep, then hand bursts
Classical Period of the Arts: R-fingers 2 L-fingers 5 (like 7 wonders) curl your fingers together
The Seven Year’s War: stick fingers out x3

Week 16:
Age of Industry:
twirl your right hand up in the air like, think smoke stack
Circa 1760 to Circa 1969: make a C with right hand
James Cook Sails to Australia and Antarctica:
make ocean waves with right hand out in front of body, then make “a” with right hand for Australia, *and now “A” with left hand for Antarctica
American Revolution and General George Washington: make “A” with right hand and * “R” with left hand, then left hand on hip and right hand salute
Madison’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights: flip hand and bring down then step up/pat 3 times upwards for bill of rights
French Revolution: turn hand around in air show elbow and arm
2nd Great Awaking: make a 2 with your left hand and *sleep then hand bursts
Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition: two L’s

Week 17:
Napoleon Crowned Emperor of France:
pick up crown in front of your body and place on head
Liberation of South America: cross wrists/fists out in front of your body, then make low v with arms
The War of 1812: make jazz hands out to your side forming a T with body
The Missouri Compromise: bring hands together and clap out in front
Immigrants Flock to America: take 3 fingers on each hand and finger walk out in front of body
The Monroe Doctrine: make a M with right hand
Romantic Period of the Arts: bat eyelashes

Week 18:
Cherokee Trail of Tears: Run fingers down cheek like tears
U.S. Westward Expansion: take 3 fingers on each hand and walk them away from body
Marx Publishes the Communist Manifesto: Make X with arms elbow height in air
The Compromise of 1850 and The Dred Scott Decision: Clap and swing arms side to side while still holding the clap
U.S. Restores Trade with Japan: arms scoop up then alternate each arm back and forth as if trading
British Queen Victoria’s Rule Over India: make V with right hand and push out, then take V and circle over head
Darwin Publishes The Origin of Species: Thumbs down

Week 19:
Lincoln’s War Between the States: hand cutting down in front of body
Reconstruction of the Southern States: stack fist upon each other out in front of body
Dominion of Canada: push hands down then take right hand above head and make a C
Otto von Bismarck Unifies Germany: take left hand and make a C with it to make an () with both hands
Boer Wars in Africa: right hand cross body
The Spanish American War: left hand cross body
The Progressive Era: stack flat hands upon each other

Week 20:
Australia Becomes a Common Wealth: make sign language (SL) a with right hand
Mexican Revolution: right hand (SL) out in front of body M then left hand out in front (SL) R
World War 1 and President Wilson: right hand 1 then make W
Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution Russia: right hand L out in front, left hand (SL) R and then right hand (SL) R
U.S. Evangelist Billy Graham: fist over heart
Modern Period of the Arts: splatter paint in the air
The Great Depression and the New Deal: push down and then rub fingers together like money

Week 21:
World War 2 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt: W with R hand, 2 with L hand
Stalin of the USSR and the Katyn Massacre: 2 finger salute with L hand then R hand across neck for massacre
The United Nations Formed: U with R hand U with L hand then bring them together to make an O
The Cold War: shiver cold then r hand across body
Gandhi and India’s Independence: pinky I with r hand pinky I with left hand
Jewish State Established: j with r hand
Mao and Communist Victory in China: M with r hand, C with l hand, v with both hands, c with R hand

Week 22:
North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Clasp hands together
The Korean War: push left with right hand across body for war
M.L. King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement: step hands out in front
Jim & Elizabeth Elliot, Missionaries to Ecuador: arms and hands out like you are Flying T
he Antarctic Treaty:
warm up hands The Vietnam War: V with R hand then across bar for war
U.S. Astronauts Walk on the Moon: moon step

Week 23: Age of Information and Globalization: make a phone with your hand and put to ear
Watergate, President Nixon Resigns: W with R hand W with L hand bring them together
Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe: turn hands down and fall
European Union Formed: clasp hands together with fingers locked
Apartheid Abolished in South Africa: break hands apart
September 11th, 2001: R hand out , then L hand out, right hand fly into left hand
Rising Tide of Freedom: wave up

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