Week five started off with the girls getting to go to Brooke’s house Sunday afternoon. They had blast and we love sweet Brooke and her family. Monday Emma ended up not feeling so well and I just happened to be home with them since Mark was in Bethany at SNU for a pastors day. Monday we played with some Lego’s and the girls pretended they were dinosaurs in love. So sweet! Then off to church on Wednesday night for youth group!


This week I was looking back on where we were last year. A year ago we were living in Arkansas and now we can Oklahoma home. I wonder where we will be in the future? All in God’s hands! So on Thursday we got some frost. I had to scrape the windshield to be able to see, it was pretty though. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent it at New Life Ranch with the teens for winter retreat! We took the girls with us and had a pretty awesome group go.


This was a little flap I made to add some more pics of our weekend. Worship was awesome! The girls and I shared a bed. and I was ready to come home by the end.

{Check out week 6 here}

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