Monthly Archives: September 2013

Beautiful day at work.

#mylife at work. It’s a beautiful day here on campus. I’m blessed to get to work at such a beautiful place. It’s even getting better with Fall around the corner.

Fish & Chips

For dinner tonight Pastor made fish & chips! He was extra proud of himself today after mowing the lawn and making dinner. He caught the fish back in June when we went to the Gulf this summer. It was delish then just as it was tonight. A couple of friends of ours treated us to […]

GMG & CC – Ephesians 6

I have to confess that over the summer I haven’t done a summer Bible study per se.  I did do the Classical Conversations Devos that came out on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and really did get something out of those, however there wasn’t any discipline on my part. Tomorrow that is going to change. I started […]

Armor of God

This year (cycle 2) in Classical Conversations, our scripture will be Ephesians 6. In CC we have 24 weeks of memory work, so each week the girls will study one verse of Ephesians 6. Hopefully by the end of the school year the girls will know the entire chapter by heart… “hiding God’s word in […]

Fall Bucket List {2013}

Fall is almost here! It is hard to believe that right now with weather in the high 90’s and low 100’s but just a couple of weeks ago it was high 70’s and low 80’s… I’m looking forward to those days again. The crisp fall air and long list of activities that want to bring […]