Fall Bucket List {2013}

Fall is almost here! It is hard to believe that right now with weather in the high 90’s and low 100’s but just a couple of weeks ago it was high 70’s and low 80’s… I’m looking forward to those days again.

The crisp fall air and long list of activities that want to bring me outside to enjoy the weather is why I’m so excited. It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

When the girls and I come out and play and enjoy God’s ย creation! When at work I take a trip across the pond to get a nice drink and get to enjoy the campus and trees turning colors. When Mark and I attend football games and tailgating… It’s the simple things in life that make you happy right?

So when I was sitting around thinking… dreaming about fall, I decided to make a fall bucket list. I’ve always wanted to create one and checkout the things our little family will do this fall. Now I know we wont get to everything on the list that the girls and I made but it is a good way to see and remember the things we want to do. Plus it is cute!



Check back to see what fun we have this fall!

{Pick Some Apples}ย ย ย  {Make Leaf Art}ย  ย {Take a Hayride}
{Create a Giving Tree}ย ย  {Visit the Pumpkin Patch}ย  ย {Decorate Pumpkins}
{Drink Hot Apple Cider}ย ย  {Make Homemade Caramels}ย  ย {Go on a Nature Walk}
{Watch a Movie Outside}ย  ย {Make S’mores}ย ย  {Have a Picnic}
{Bake Oatmeal Cookies}ย  ย {Make Apple Butter Sauce}ย  ย {Go to the Zoo}
{Go to the State Fair}ย  ย {Take a Hiking Trip}ย ย  {Road Trip}
{Make a Fall Wreath}ย ย  {Sit by the Fire}ย  ย {Eat Popcorn}
{Have a Chili Night}ย  ย {Enjoy Sweat Tea on the Porch}ย ย  {Football Tailgating}
{Roast Marshmallows}ย  ย {Take Fall Family Pictures}ย ย  {Play in the Leaves}
{Bake a Homemade Pie}ย ย  {Go Camping}ย  ย {Eat Hotdogs}

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