God sized dreams… a house.

I wanted to share a post that I came across this week.

Our dream is a little different. We are pastors and built a home where we thought we would spend years, lots of years ministering and raising our children. One day we would finish the upstairs bonus room and have many open houses for our church family to come over and fellowship. However, after only a short 3 months of living in our new wonderful home, God called us somewhere else to minister for a while.

It was hard to leave! I spent many nights thinking about raising our little family in that house and now those dreams were gone. I couldn’t understand why we had to give up something we have wanted so quickly after receiving it.

Getting the house alone seemed like a miracle! Paperwork fell through just days before closing and had to figure out (and do lots of praying) how we were going to get everything in place before closing. But I trusted Him.

Now I must trust Him in the next steps of our lives. We have placed our much prayed for and prayed over home on the market. We need to finally move on from this dream and make new dreams. I have to let this house go. But we need it to sell. It’s crazy that a house can hold you back emotional and spiritually of where God wants to lead you. All I want is to do His will.

Will you pray with me that our beloved house will sale soon and in the mean time I can trust on God in the process?


To find out more on the house:



  1. Good for you! What an encouragement to read this and see your heart to follow God. Oh girl, I know the feeling and how hard the process was. Praying for you right now, for strength, joy, patience, an ear to hear His voice clearly … and of course for an offer! 😉 Love in Christ, Kari

    1. We have an offer on our house Praise The Lord! Closing is Dec 6th. Thanks for all of your prayers!

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