*The Carseat* Preparing for Baby

I’m trying to prepare for JohnLuke’s arrival as much as I can and with him making an appearance any day now I need to get the car seat installed into the van. I can’t bring a baby home without a car seat right?!


This is the one I choose, a Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, in Dotastic . You can check it out here. I picked this one because we loved our Graco SungRide’s with the girls and it’s a fun pattern that Pastor Mark would approve of.

Installing it into the car took some time. We have a crazy incline in our drive, so I parked the van in front of the house to make is easier access. However the car seat itself makes for an easy install. The seat has two hook bars that you clip the base to but before that I laid down a towel to save some seat some. Yes I know they make car chair covers for this very thing, but I just like to use towels for some reason (I get it from my mom).

I sat on top of the base and pulled the strap as hard as I could for a sung fit to secure the car seat base to the captain car of the van. Then you put the car seat in the base to see of the little indicator tells you that you have it in the right position…. which I did! Yay all done with that part.


I also installed a baby mirror that has lights and sound on it. Way cool! They didn’t have that when the girls were little. And since our van is awesome and has this extra storage space underneath the feet of the chairs (to stow and go) I filled it with an emergency baby bag of items we might need, blankets a car seat cover.


The car seat also has a matching stroller that works together with it to make a travel system. It’s really cute too.


The girls had a great time playing with the stroller while I was installing the car seat. They were pushing around their baby dolls and being such good little mommies. JohnLuke better watch out when he gets here, having three mommies might be tough!

The stroller fit perfect in the back of the van and it was pretty light too! I didn’t have any problem lifting it into the van and back out again. Plus it only take one hand to operate which comes in handy… lol (yeah I’m a dork).

If you are in the market for a car seat and stroller then you can find more info here.

*Note JL came 2 days after writing this!

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