Preparing For Baby #3: The Hospital Bags

I’m 36 weeks now and the Dr. says we will have this baby (baby #3) whenever he decides to come.
So what is a mom to do? Get ready… get ready as much as you can!

I don’t have a bags packed for the hospital yet, so I thought I better go ahead and get that done.

What’s in my bag? Let’s take a look…

My toiletries: 
Small Bag of Makeup, Deodorant, Chapstick, Hair Brush& Hair Tie, Bodywash, Shampoo & Conditioner, Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Blow Dryer and Flat Iron (I highly doubt I will use this but lets throw it in too)

My clothes:
Rope, Button Down PJ’s and Pants, Bras (I like the Hanes t-shirt bras, so comfy) or Nursing Tank Tops, Panties & Socks
Coming Home Outfit

Little Man’s Bag:
Hats and Mittens for my little guy
A few basic outfits for pictures and to play dress up

*Honestly the hospital gives you everything you need for the baby.



  1. Cash: I’ll bring some cash for the vending machine as well as some snacks and waters.
  2. iPad & iPhone: I plan on bring the iPad and charger… now I don’t really plan on using it a whole lot for the internet but will use it for music, Facebook, keeping track of who visits while in the hospital and any nook reading I might want to do BUT don’t think I will be using it much at all! My full attention will be on my little man. And of course the phone and charger as well.
  3. Folder, Pen & Notebook: I like to have a folder to hold all of those forms and papers they give you in the hospital. This way I know exactly where they are. Also they will ask you a million questions about your baby, like how long did he eat, when was the last time he ate, how many wets and dirties has he had… come on people! I just want to gawk at him, not track every thing he does or doesn’t do… so the pen and notepad come in handy.   *Update: I’m so glad I took a notepad with me. I kept track for almost an entire month of his feedings and diaper changes along with sleep patterns and visitors. This has become a sweet little “journal” of JL’s first month of life.

Next step in preparing for baby #3… The Carseat

I would love to hear from you!

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