I Thought This Day Would Never Come

It’s been a long time coming, almost a decade. The day my husband would be ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene. A Nazawhat? Yes, I said a Nazarene. I didn’t know what one was till I met Mark, but we are normal whew! However now I am very much a Nazarene in beliefs like my husband. I never heard Holiness preached but once I figured out what this church stood for, I figured out it made the most sense to me.

Mark was called at a very young age to ministry. He ran from that calling, as most of us do when God asks us to do something we didn’t have in our plan of how life was going to go. I’ve been there before, often, thinking how could I possibly do what you’re asking me to God? But there is blessings in obedience.

This day, I thought would NEVER come! Since Mark and I have been together, he has been working towards this day. To be ordained requires schooling and experience plus lots of interviews. It’s a joyous day for him, for US!

I’m so proud of you Pastor Mark! I love you!



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