Oils, They rock my world!

Young Living Essential Oils ROCK!  apileofashes.com

Here is a quick list of the ways I use each oil in the Young Living Starter Kit!

Stress Away: LOVE THIS STUFF, smells awesome and helps take me to my happy place … the beach, I mean it’s only in my head that I’m at the beach but thats enough when the day has stressed me out or I’m trying to prevent from getting stressed. Again, I LOVE this stuff!

Peace & Calming: helps with just that, to calm the kids down, calm me down, and add some peace to the household. I like the way it smells and rub it on JohnLukey Poohky before bed.

Peppermint: great for LOTS of stuff! Diffuse when I need an energy boost and helps your head!

Lemon: I love lemons and love this oil, I drink a drop of this stuff in a mason jar glass of water to help cleanse my body from all the stored toxins from the night before. It’s good to clean with and get those little stickers off of things.

Frank: Great in coconut oil for a facial moisturizer!

PanAway: are you hurting? simple as that

Joy: I have the joy, joy, joy, joy over my heart! I LOVE this stuff too, so does Livy! It helps us be happy and drama free! But this oil has so many benefits, check more out here.

Valor: Another FAVE and Pastor loves this one. We put it on our wrists. Also I rub it on my jaw, love this stuff for that alone!

Purification: Cleans the air, great for bug bites too!

Thieves:  Help keep those sickies away! Roll on the bottoms of out feet, diffuse in the air, use it to clean with!

Lavender: I think this is a super oil! Great for TONS of things. Helps us sleep better, relief from skin troubles. It’s great for the skin! It’s awesome!

Now if I have a problem, I have an oil for it!
I LOVE my oils! They ROCK my world!

And they can ROCK yours too!

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