Red, White & Blue Summer Mantle

It’s summer time, my favoriteย a great time to decorate {decorating is my favorite so anytime is good} but I LOVE the fourth of July! I have a love for the stars and stripes and really like displaying them in my home during the summer months.


This “Keep Calm” art I got at Kirkland’s on the cheap is one of my all time favorite pieces I have ever had in my home, however it has never been hung on a wall =(. With our move to Cullman this year it got a little damaged and has been sitting in a corner doing nothing for 6 months now. Since it’s a shade of blue I decided to bring it out for the summer and set it on the mantle in our playroom.


I love the charm our rental has. Great hardwoods and this brick fireplace, oh LOVE! I also like the bookcases that came in the room to store all of the STUFF we have for the girls school and books, my craft supplies, etc.


This is our playroom so there are toys laid out to play with along with crayons to get your draw on. I think adding these little flags here on the “side table” are simple, playful and fun.


We homeschool, so there are tons of books on all kinds of things in my house. I pulled out some of our political and historical books on America to have out and decorate with, plus they will go great with our Cycle 3 of Classical Conversations we will start doing in August. {can’t wait!!!}


I think some beach decor can be pulled of here too. I love sea shells. Even if it can’t be pulled off I’m doing it anyways, don’t tell me how to decorate my house!


I love the feel in our playroom this summer. Its simple, fun and I didn’t spend any money, just pulled things I already had to give the pay room a new look. How are you decorating your home this summer?


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  1. So cute! I pinned it. ๐Ÿ™‚


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