DIY Outdoor Spray

The state bird is HUGE here in North Alabama, yep I’m talking about the mosquito.
Lol just kidding but there are a lot of those little pests flying around and my kids are like mosquito magnets! When they get bit it’s not fun! Lots of whining and huge whelps on my little loves.

So what’s a mommie to do? I’m not going to spray them down with tons of toxic chemicals, that’s for sure, so I decided to make my own toxic free spray, BugAway as Emma calls it but its original name is Bugger Off. (I like to name things. lol)

DIY Bugspray - Oily Mommie Ashley Sanford #1685572

Here is how you do it, it’s simple:

Put 12 drops each of Lavender, Peppermint, Citronella, Purification and Cedarwood
into a small spray bottle and top off with Witch Hazel. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!

I spray this on our clothes when we go outside!

Order your oils today and start making toxic free spray for your family!


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