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Journaling Bible | Study of Hosea Day 2 | #journalingbible #jbj

Journaling Bible | Study of Hosea Day 2

I’m continuing to journal on my study of Hosea from SheReadsTruth today. You can check out Day 1 of my journaling and it’s not too late to start yourself! Head over to SheReadsTruth and join me. Study of Hosea: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | […]

Journaling Bible |Greater |

Journaling Bible | Greater

Our first day of CC was yesterday. We have a 35 min drive North, so after listening to our weekly memory work cd 3 times I started searching for some worship music to listen to. And then this came on … Bring your tired, bring your shame, Have you heard “Greater” by Mercy Me? Do you […]

Journaling Bible | Study of Hosea Day 1

I just started reading SheReadsTruth bible study on Hosea and decided where better to start than right here in the story where “Our relationship with God is based on His faithfulness, not our unfaithfulness.” Take a look at my pages and then join me in studying SheReadsTruth study on Hosea. Our wrong affections must be […]

A Closer Look at my Journaling Bible |

Journaling Bible | My #JournalingBible

I’m so excited to get this little book in the mail! I got it a few days ago and all I could think about was diving into God’s Word and creating beauty, but my schedule just was so crazy over the past days that I couldn’t. I was sad, very sad. Until I have time […]

Journaling Bible |

Creating Art & Bible Study {at the same time}

He made me to crave creativity and community and to be honest I have been lacking in both areas lately, until now. Enter–>> Bible Journaling I LOVE the word of God and digging into what He has to share with me through His words. I can get lost for hours in his love letter to […]

Essential Rewards Haul #2 – May 2014

Check out our second Essential Rewards Haul which also happens to be our first Oily video, lol I hope you enjoy our silliness!

August 14 Essential Rewards Oil Order

So it’s a great day when the door bell rings! That normally means the FedEx just dropped something off on the porch, which then means a Young Living Box should be setting there!!! At least once a month this happens. We are apart of an auto ship called Essential Rewards through Young Living Essential Oils. […]

Baby Big Man is 9mos Old

I can’t believe he is 9 months old! He doesn’t let mommie sleep at night anymore because he wants to nurse every 2 hours, but that’s okay because she is busy and needs to be working instead of sleeping right now anyways. He doesn’t care too much for baby food, this little man wants the […]