Journaling Bible | Greater

Our first day of CC was yesterday. We have a 35 min drive North, so after listening to our weekly memory work cd 3 times I started searching for some worship music to listen to.

And then this came on …

Bring your tired, bring your shame,

Have you heard “Greater” by Mercy Me? Do you know the song? I LOVE IT and it’s catchy and plays in my head all day long. After a very very very , did I say very? long day the song was still going round and round in my head.

I worked on art journaling in my Bible last night on my Hosea study and feed JL and then went to sleep. Everytime I woke up, yep still getting up multiple times a night to feed baby big man, “Greater” was planning in my head. I love it when I waking up thinking of Him!

So when I woke up this morning and it was still in my head, I knew I had to create some art.

Here is how it turned out:



Journaling Bible |Greater |


Journaling Bible |Greater |


Journaling Bible |Greater |


Journaling Bible |Greater |



Once we got to CC we had Chapel. Our director Kristyn shared with us a lesson on the fruit of the spirit: gentleness and sang us an impromptu little song and I’m going to HAVE to make some art with now! I LOVE being in love with God’s word and using the gifts and desires He gave me to worship him.

Have you started your Journaling Bible Journey yet? Follow me on Instagram @apileofashes to keep in touch! I would love to see what your creating!!!

And if you are looking for a journaling Bible, you can grab the one I have from Dayspring here.


  1. Marsha Butler · · Reply

    Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art and journaling with all of us! I would love to know what the name/brand of your Bible is that you use for your journaling. It seems to have large enough font and enough space for the drawing. The ones I have seen the font is too small to actually use to read. Thanks for any help you can give! Marsha

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing it. What type of Bible is that? It has such large margins, I love it!

  3. Thank you so much for this cool way of reading the Word. I look forward to getting creative and journaling as well.

  4. Karen Featherston · · Reply

    One of my FAVORITE Christian songs! You are so right about how that catchy tune sticks with you all day!!! 🙂 I also wake up in the night (cause I’m reaching “that” age. lol) and love waking up singing to Him in my head. Makes me smile every time! 🙂 Your art is beautiful…thanks for posting it and for inspiring the rest of us to get started with our own Bible Journaling. My other FAV REPEAT tunes: The River by Jordan Feliz, My Story by Big Daddy Weave, Feel It by tobyMac…too many to list! 😉 Have a blessed day!

  5. geisibell · · Reply

    hello am from Venezuela and your ideas are so good, am working with little girls and your ideas they love it! please continue doing this you are amazing God is working in your life. with love girls for the Glory of God.

  6. Marva Rainbolt · · Reply

    Good job absolutely loved it. Praising god with verse and song.
    I didn’t know that this song was based on a scripture from the Bible, now I do. I like that, thanks for sharing!
    I would also like to know about your journaling bible.

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