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Journaling Bible | The Cover

Journaling Bible | Dive in and get lost – The Cover

The journaling Bible that I got was pretty plain, just a black cover. At first I thought I would keep it black and then I decided to break out the gold sharpie and worship. I came across a pic on pinterest where is was black with tiny white dots and it type said, look up […]

Journaling Bible | Hosea She Reads Truth

Journaling Bible | Hosea She Reads Truth

  I’ve been doing study over Hosea and they create graphics for you to save to your phone to help you learn/memorize scripture and this one I fell in love with so much that I had to doodle it in my WORD. Here is the graphic from SRT.   If you ever need a […]

Journaling Bible | A Lover of God

Journaling Bible | A Lover of God

I had fun journaling Pastor Mark’s sermon in my journaling Bible. This was my first time to journal during worship. I was torn by wanting to read and reread the Word and work the slides on the screen. #pastorwifeproblems #techgirl #soundbooth Do you Bible Journal? I would love to see your work! And if you […]

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

I’ve been journaling in myย ESV Journaling Bibleย (affiliate link)ย a lot lately. Devos that I come across that I want to keep truth nuggets of are a top item that’s getting journaled! I love this one … The death of a DREAM is often a subtle form of idolatry. We lose FAITH in the GOD who gave […]

Journaling Bible | Respectful & Pure |

Journaling Bible | Respectable & Pure

I was highly convicted by this passage in 1Peter when I read it in myย ESV Journaling Bibleย (affiliate link). I’m not the best wife… I’m hardly respectful to my loving husband who puts up with my crazy, and pure in conduct not so much, I try to get “my” way a lot. While I don’t worry […]

Essential Oils While Camping |

Camping and Essential Oils

If you are like me… maybe you aren’t??… but I LOVE to camp! With the weather getting cooler and fall starting to roll in, I’m thinking of camping with my family in the great outdoors. But along with those great outdoors comes nature, and bugs, and germs, and scrapes… the list goes on This year […]

Journaling Bible | Fruit of the Spirit

This is one of my favorite parts of scripture and whenever I think about it I think of my girls singing “The fruit of the Spirit’s not a watermelon… kiwi…” and then my husband pretending the play the trombone when you get to the self con-troll-ooo! I love how God’s Word is a part of […]

Journaling Bible | Jesus Said Be Still | #journalingbible #artworship

Journaling Bible | Jesus Said Be Still

This was a devo from our homeschool on Wednesday. Our director sang this song for the kids, I loved it and knew I had to journal it!   Now if you know me, you know I’m a little OCD and I did something very very silly. I put this entry in the wrong place. YEP! […]