Journaling Bible | “Pause”

We started a new sermon series at church today on the family called “Family Dynasty”. You can listen here to the sermon if you like. This is the second week I brought my new Journaling Bible with me to church and took notes in the Bible instead of on my bulletin. Here is how it turned out.


Journaling Bible | "Pause" |

Scripture was from Cols 3:1-4 and Deut 6:4-7

Highlights from the sermon on faith and family.

  • A good family dynasty takes work, it just doesn’t happen.
  • We need to PAUSE from our busy lives to make time for family prayer.
  • We need to stop worrying about the things of this world and set our minds of things above, like Jesus and what really matters and things that will make an eternal impact.
  • We need to center our HOMES around Christ.
  • We need to make God NORMAL in our homes. We need to talk about Him when we Sit, Walk, Talk, Ride, Bedtime etc.
  • How we act matters. Our actions either bless our family or betray our family. Which would you rather do?
  • If Christ is your life like you say He is, then make Him your life and Act like it.


Remember to keep it simple. Bringing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit into our homes doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Start by praying at dinner and talk about Him.
  • How was He was involved in your day.
  • Did you see Him anywhere today?
  • Where should we have shown Him to others today?
  • How could we make changes in our lives to show Him?
  • Thank Him for your day and the people in your family.

I can’t wait to see what next week’s sermon will hold and what Pastor Mark will share. You can check out a post I made on “Family Values” Devotional here if you would like and join in on creating a Family Dynasty.


Grab the journaling Bible that I have over at Dayspring through my affiliate link.

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  1. That looks fantastic! I had never heard of a journaling bible before today and now I’m obsessively pinning and bookmarking blogs. Ha! 🙂 Love this!

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