Camping and Essential Oils

If you are like me… maybe you aren’t??… but I LOVE to camp! With the weather getting cooler and fall starting to roll in, I’m thinking of camping with my family in the great outdoors. But along with those great outdoors comes nature, and bugs, and germs, and scrapes… the list goes on

This year will be different though, I’ll have my essential oils with me, heck so will my girls (they are each getting their own bag o’oils of their favorites)

Essential Oils While Camping |

This year I’ll have Purification to keep the bugs away. And when I’m a little down because it’s raining on us again when we are tent camping, I’ll have Joy. Then there’s Thieves to keep everything clean. Don’t forget Lavender when I need it for my skin because I was trying to unwrap the foil off my camp fire corn-on-the-cob with my fingers. Peppermint for when we eat too many s’mores. PanAway for our sore muscles from hiking or kayaking. There will be Peace and Calming to help the kids wind down from a day of outdoor fun. Oh and Valor to keep me from being afraid of those night time critters roaming around. Lemon to put on those fish we catch and Frankincense to bust out if we see any poison ivy. Citrus Fresh can help that port potty smell a little better and Tea Tree can cleanse and refresh my skin after the long long summer day!

Now that doesn’t sound so silly that I’m bringing my oils camping with me does it??? Camping is going to be better with my oils! Don’t leave home without them!

All of these oils are in the premium starter kit. You can go here to learn more about joining Young Living and go here to order your kit today!

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