Journaling Bible | Dream Big

I’ve been journaling in my ESV Journaling Bible (affiliate link) a lot lately. Devos that I come across that I want to keep truth nuggets of are a top item that’s getting journaled! I love this one …

The death of a DREAM is often a subtle form of idolatry. We lose FAITH in the GOD who gave us the BIG DREAM and settle for a small dream that we can accomplish without HIS help.

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

We go after dreams that don’t require prayer.

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

and the GOD who is able to do immeasurably MORE than all our right brain can imagine

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

is supplanted by a god who fits within the logical CONSTRAINTS of our left brain.

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

NOTHING honors GOD more than a BIG DREAM that is way beyond our ability to accomplish

Journaling Bible | Dream Big

Because there is NO WAY we can take credit for it. And nothing is better for our spiritual development than a big dream because…

Journaling Bible | Dream Big



What area in your life is God calling you to dream big?

*** Updated: I journaled this entry years before we launched The Vineyard. Coming across this entry a week after launching makes me smile. There is NO WAY we could have pulled off planting a new church without the big dream that God gave us 10 years ago. How He has worked everything out in His timing and the way He needed to, not our will. Thank you Lord for giving us dreams, BIG dreams and may we always rely on your power and ability and not ours!

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!”

And man is that ever true in our faithful step to move to NWA, not once BUT TWICE for a Dream only God could fulfill! We love The Vineyard and we LOVE the LORD!





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  1. Thank you for this reminder that God can do ALL things!

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