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Have you seen Divergent? If so you probably know where I’m going with this.

I would be Amity (the peaceful) (which I’m not and is a reason why I love my oils so they can help me be more peaceful) aka the garden loving hippies. Yep! That’s me, the girl who at the age of 5 started working in her family’s greenhouse/nursery business and loved connecting with the plants. Great memories come rolling back (even though during my childhood not so much) of us transplanting and caring for thousands upon thousands of seedlings and plants in our backyard. At one point we had 7 full size greenhouses back there!

And you know what? I miss it. I often think about starting a greenhouse business with my little family. The memories we could make! The smells and laughter, the fun, the hard work… and then I realize I’m doing that now.

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I didn’t plan on going into the business side of Essential Oils when I first started using them in January of 2014.

I was introduced to essential oils YEARS ago but they were starting to come around again. I started hearing my homeschool mommie friends talk about their oils. I didn’t have the funds to get my own until Jan and when I got birthday money (for that dreaded 30th) I bought myself some “cheap” oils off one of those deal sites. Yeah, uh, well I didn’t do the math very well on those little teeny tiny bottles of essential oils. Oh well! I started using them, loved them and wanted to invest in the Premium Starter Kit by Young Living. I was able to get my kit in March of 2014!


I fell in love right away and so did my Livy, she became my oily bug! And then I compared those “cheap” oils I had bought the month before and started to kick myself for wasting so much $$ on those stupid teeny tiny little bottles. I paid 3x the amount as the value of my Young Living oils and those things totally have a “fake” not natural smell. I mean I’m sure they are okay, I did like them after all, but that was BEFORE I KNEW BETTER.

Young Living was a better option for me. They have this thing called Seed to Seal and that’s what sets them apart from other essential oil companies. Their commitment to providing the best quality oil that they can is something I value. I know what it takes to care for plants, I did it for 20 years.

Since I have started my oily journey I have taken up the business side of Young Living. I didn’t intend to do so when I started, I was like, “No, I won’t ever sell oils, I just want to use some.” Well I fell in love with these oils, which meant I didn’t shut up about them and I would share my oily love with everyone. Then they started to wonder and want more info and I shared how they could get their own. Then I got 5 people signed up in one month and got a check. Wow… I can get paid by just sharing with people why I love my oils and how they are changing my life? OK! Now I get my oils paid for on a monthly basis! SCORE! Hubby can’t complain about the more oils I get… awesome!

And then we were introduced to the supplements of Young Living. Yea like NingXia Red which turns you into a ninja! Okay not really but close. I love that stuff! Then I started replacing my toxic filled cleaners and household products with green eco-friendly products from the Thieves line, that are safe to use around my kids and pet. OKAY! Then came in the beauty products and the rest is history!

I have little gifts from God to help my family live healthy. Needless to say I’m in love!


So are a ton of others too! I’m signing friends and family up, heck even complete strangers but we all are enjoying our oils. My friends are signing people up and their friends and there’s more oily love to go around!

It’s great to be apart of a group of people who care about each other and want to live healthier lives. We are called Oily Families. You can check us out at

If you would like to learn more about how to Join Young Living or get your own Premium Starter Kit you can visit the links listed or go here to order. Also check out the Monthly Specials that Young Living and Myself are offering to help you start your oily journey and how you can earn free oils with Essential Rewards Program.

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