Are YLEO’s Right for You???

There are a ton of essential oil companies out on the market. They have some what became a “thing” lately and it seems like it happened over night. But Young Living has paved the way in mass marketing essential oils and has been doing an excellent job of getting YLEO into households across the world. Essential oils aren’t new. They date by to 4500 B.C. and Young Living isn’t new, they turned 20 this year.

When choosing a company to go with for my interest in essential oils, I tried a different company because they were “cheap” little did I know that in fact they were cheap, in more ways than one. Then I found out a few of my friend have been using do’s for years and decide to go with the company that they choose. Hey if it was good for my friends, then it should be good for me! And I’m glad I did. After joining YL I found out more about the company and love who they are.

Check out a few reasons why I chose Young Living Essential Oils and want to share this company’s products with everyone I know.


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