Cinnamon Dolce

This morning I woke around 3am… laid in bed and tossed and turned till I decided to get up at 5am. Mommie needed some coffee. Mommie also likes her oils and decided to combine the two this morning to create this awesomeness…

Cinnamon Dolce |

Cinnamon Essential Oil is concentrated so you don’t need very much at all or it will over power your drink. So to make sure that I didn’t get too much, I dropped a small drop on my spoon and dipped intoย my sugar that I placed at the bottom of my cute little snowflake mug. (I like my coffee SWEET!) I set the spoon to the side.

Cinnamon Dolce |

I popped in my Starbucks KCup of Veranda Blend Blonde
my favorite and hit the button on my Keurig Coffee Maker.

veranda blend

Cinnamon Dolce |

Then once it was done brewing I took the spoon, remember that spoon with Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil on it that I dipped in sugar?… yea that one, take that spoon and stir the coffee &ย sugar at the bottom of the mug.

Now I actually like a little coffee with my creamer, or at least that’s what Pastor says… (Pastor is my hubby in case your new to my little world). So add in the creamer!

Cinnamon Dolce |

Now Enjoy!

Now that had my coffee in hand, I headed off to the living room to spend some time in God’s Word and do a little art journaling in my #JournalingBible. This mornings message was on “The Role of Humility” in a leaders life. Passage from Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2

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