This “Oil Thing” is more than just oils.

When I started my oily journey I didn’t think it would be like this…

I was skeptical. I bought them because they smelled good and thought that was about the extent of it. I didn’t think that my little Young Living (YL) bottles of essential oils and products would change my life like they have.

Now I use them daily. We use them for SO many things, health and wellness, cleaning, food and treats, on our pet… I turn to my oils first before going to the cabinet.

It’s also a small business for me now. I am making some money and I’m investing back into the people I share oils with who in turn invests back into the people they share with.

I’m encouraged daily. I have a community of other oily families that encourage me in my journey to health and wellness. Encourage me to invest back into others like they have invested in me. I’ve made relationships that I otherwise would have never made.

A sweet card of encouragement and free OIL from my Young Living Sponsor Cindy. We were friends before YL and I’m so excited that we are continuing our friendship and working together sharing the oily love.

They are bigger than me. I have met people I would have never met through this journey. I have gotten to hear how these little bottles have changed years to come for them. And I’m getting opportunities to grow as a person with the gifts God has given me through these relationships that I’ve made.

I got another sweet card from Cindy’s Sponsor Susan, in the same week.
I’m telling y’all, this group of people are amazing!

I’m a part of a team… I’m a part of a family…  Team Oily Families.
You can be a apart of the team too, start your oily journey today! 

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