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Oily Mommie

Here is the story on “Oily Mommie”. A few months into my new oily experience I decided that I wanted to blog about my oily love. I started out sharing here at apileofashes but a couple months in I got the grand idea to start a separate blog just for my oily posts, seeing how […]

Journaling Bible | Grass Withers

Journaling Bible | Grass Withers

I got some watercolors this Tuesday and couldn’t wait to use them! We had some important things going on this week in the life of our church and our district, so I wasn’t able to use my watercolors as soon as I would have liked to. So this past Saturday night when i finally had […]

Journaling Bible | Good Friends

Journaling Bible | Good Friends

“A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17 Whenever I hear this Scripture, in my head it’s being said by the voice of my little girls. This was one of their memory verses in the past and I can just picture them saying it. We homeschool and Bible study is a part of their schooling. […]

Journaling Bible | Let there Be

Journaling Bible | Let there Be

There is something amazing about serving and loving a Creator that simply spoke creation into life. There is also something humbling about the His choice, at the end of creation, to make me in His image, after His likeness. Really that He, His Son, His Spirit, decided to create all of this knowing the outcome. […]

Journaling Bible | Book Ends

Journaling Bible | Book Ends

As always I’m inspired by the women I meet through instagram, pinterest and Facebook when it comes to their art and Bible journaling. It is encouraging to see others digging into the Word and creating at the same time. I love to create! It’s just something God put inside of me. I know it’s not […]