Journaling Bible | Book Ends

As always I’m inspired by the women I meet through instagram, pinterest and Facebook when it comes to their art and Bible journaling. It is encouraging to see others digging into the Word and creating at the same time. I love to create! It’s just something God put inside of me. I know it’s not for everyone, the artsy crafty kinda thing but it’s totally for me.

I came across the idea of decorating the top of my Bible from a pic posted by a girl in either facebook or instagram, I saw it just the other day and can’t find it now to link you to her work =( Β It’s very Stephanie Ackerman ‘ish over at Homegrown Hospitality but it wasn’t her. PS I LOVE Stephanie’s work, go check it out!


Journaling Bible | Book Ends


I started out with my Journaling Bible, some StazOn Jet Black ink (because it doesn’t bleed with my blender brush), my Tom Bow Dual tip MarkersΒ (some times they do bleed but that isn’t a big deal to me) and some stamps from Unity Stamp Co.

Journaling Bible | Book Ends

I had fun stamping and coloring in. This whole journaling Bible journey really makes me feel like a kid again in multiple ways. I had a strong faith growing up and it brings back great memories of doodling in church, youth group and church camp, plus it is FUN and I’m spending time with God.

During these art sessions of mine, God is working on me. I’m slowly letting go of control and perfectionism because that isn’t the point with this journey. Growing closer to Him is… and I’m doing just that!

Journaling Bible | Book Ends

Have you done anything to the book ends of your Journaling Bible? I would love to see them!


  1. Joy Haustead · · Reply

    Love this. May try similar on an old book before trying on my bible. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I think it is AWESOME


  3. Love how you did it with stamps. I doodled flowers on the top and bottom of mine and wrote two of my favorite ‘study’ verses on the edge.


  4. LOVE this!! xox


  5. absolutely gorgeous! saw this on images of illustrated faith (google) and could not resist. would love to know more about the oil biz. also, do you know of anywhere that will take paypal to buy the art journalling bible? i have a bazillion bibles (minister here) but none suitable for what i am looking for. thanks. samara x


    1. Amazon just got a few journaling Bibles back in stock just a few days ago, not sure if they are still in stock! Oh I have a bazillions of Bibles too but just one journaling Bible!


  6. Jennifer · · Reply

    Were your pages gilded? Because I can’t get any color to show up on the gilding. Wondering if I should try to sand it a bit with maybe a Mr. Clean eraser??


    1. My pages aren’t gilded… I’m not sure what might help! I’m of no help sorry! I hope you find something that helps. I know lots of others wrap their page ends with washi tape.


  7. Will you post a picture of what the cover looks like?


  8. This is great Ashley! It looks so beautiful!!


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