Journaling Bible | Grass Withers

I got some watercolors this Tuesday and couldn’t wait to use them! We had some important things going on this week in the life of our church and our district, so I wasn’t able to use my watercolors as soon as I would have liked to.
Journaling Bible | Grass Withers

So this past Saturday night when i finally had a chance to sit down, I created this little page. We had spent all day at our church learning about discipleship and how we are called to make disciples, which means we have to be disciples ourselves.  I really find my Bible journaling a way of discipleship. I wish I could be with each and every one of you that visits my blog so we could talk, drink a cup of coffee… well I’ll be honest, I would rather have a creme brûlée from Jude’s, share about what God is doing in our lives. Of course we would also do some journaling too!

BUT, since we can’t sit down face to face, sharing with you here on my blog is the next best thing!


I loved how my little flowers turned out and the water drops on the page. I ended up adding the black pen over the water color because I needed it all to tie in more than it was. I kinda messed up on the “FOREVER” part and made it a bit thicker than I had planned.



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