Oily Mommie


Here is the story on “Oily Mommie”. A few months into my new oily experience I decided that I wanted to blog about my oily love. I started out sharing here at apileofashes but a couple months in I got the grand idea to start a separate blog just for my oily posts, seeing how they were taking over.

I spent the next couple of weeks creating Oily Mommie and blogging my oily love over at oilymommie.com till around August/September. It became to much, and once the whole FDeeA drama came around I pretty much threw in the towel. I had a pity party. I didn’t want to go through my posts and edit out all the good parts because someone didn’t want me telling you how awesome my oils are and how they were helping people the way that they were. WELL… I couldn’t let those guys get me down. That’s when I came back to apileofashes.com and started editing all my old posts and then headed over to oilymommie and moved some over.

So now I find myself with 2 of me in the social media world, and I’m trying to figure out what the best way to be me without annoying you (well I don’t think that can happen).

I’m keeping my “Oily Mommie” name but I’m going to let the oilymommie.wordpress blog go
I’m blogging only on apileofashes.com
I still have 2 twitter accounts, one for oils & one for my life, (but to be honest twitter isn’t my thing)
I only have 1 Instagram and its full of oily pics but other areas of my life as well ( I LOVE IG)
I have 2 Facebook Pages both A Pile Of Ashes & Oily Mommie (not sure what I’m doing with those yet)
I have 2 Pinterest accounts A Pile of Ashes & Oily Mommie (too many pins… I can’t stop pinning!!!)
I have only have one YouTube Account

If your confused, don’t feel bad I am too! lol j/k

You can always find me at apileofashes.com and don’t worry, oils will always be there sprinkled into the random that is my crazy, messy, beautiful life!


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