Warmer Weather Pico Dreams

It’s so cold here in North Alabama, like crazy cold for here, it feels like 10 degrees. I’m dreaming of warmer weather and some of this awesome pico salsa that my husband makes.

Pico De Gallo with Lime Essential Oil | apileofashes.com

Pico De Gallo made by my hubby, is one of the best things ever!  We call it Pico or Pico Salsa and normally we mix it in a pitcher. You can see my original post on our Pico Salsa here.

Since becoming Oily I decided this time to trade the lime juice for 2 drops of lime essential oil. You don’t need much, this stuff goes a long way. Here is how you make it:

Pico Salsa Recipe:

6-8 chopped Tomatoes
2 diced medium-sized Onions
a bunch of Cilantro chopped
the juice of 1 Lime 2 drops of Lime Essential Oil
3 cloves of minced Garlic
2 Jalapeños finely chopped
1/2 cup of Oil
1/4 cup of Red Wine Vinegar
Sea Salt to taste, lots of it
some Pepper to taste
Mix it all in a Pitcher 
Yes you saw correctly, mix it in a pitcher! This stuff gets better and better as it sets and the pitcher makes it easy to pour out. Pico Salsa Recipe - a pile of Ashes

We also make some awesome On the Spot Guac too!
Check out that recipe here –> On The Spot Guac

Young Living posted a Pico recipe on their Facebook page, you can see it here


Ashley Sanford #1685572

Lime essential oil has an invigorating and stimulating effect and is believed to be native of eastern Malaysia. The pleasant citrus aroma of lime may help mental clarity and encourage creativity. Today, lime is best known throughout the world as a way to help support a healthy immune system. When taken internally, lime may provide antioxidant support and aid in weight management.



Good Eats Y’all!

– Ashley

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