Salem 30 Foot Home on Wheels


We bought a camper!!!!




This is the tiny bathroom… I thought it was big until I took a shower. It’s prefect size to give JL a bath but a little small for everyone else in the camper. A large bathroom would be nice… they just don’t really make large camper bathrooms.


This is the right side of the bunk room or aka “kids room”. Emma has claimed the top bunk on this side and I’m trying to decided where JL will sleep. His pack-n-play fits perfectly in the walkway of the room but doesn’t leave anywhere to walk or way to get on the bunks.


This is the left side of the camper… Livy has claimed this side. The outdoor kitchen is underneath this bed. That little ladder is hard to use. The steps are too far apart for little legs… including mommies legs too! The kids still manage to get  up there just fine though (they are like little monkeys).





We swapped this mattress out for another one we had… best decision ever because the mattress that came with the camper was super hard and Mark and I both LOVE a soft bed! We sleeps great in the camper now.

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